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Splash Builder options include- full windows color spectrum for text & background color Full range opacity set from 10% to 100% Selectable time delay to shoe your screen on startup Rich Text format text areas for text formatting Option to browse for your images and insert them right into Splash Builder Option to use a full screen image if you prefer or use the built in options provided. Connect striaght to your database to select a for that you want to startup straight after the splash screen updatable Version build info section Create shortcut names for your finished application Live testing of your Splash Screen creation to view your screen as you build Option to include or exclude the AutoExec that starts your screen Note: Splash Builder requires a call from AutoExec. If you do NOT require an AutoExec, simply place AutoStart() in your existing AutoExec Macro Create unless amounts of splash screens for all of your databases Splash Builder runs without Access but Access is required for you to create your own database.Splash Builder is the easiest tool to add a quality splash screen to your Access Database Application in munutes.

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