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SplashID safely and securely stores all of your personal identification information including user names, passwords, credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, PINs, and more. Information is stored in a secure, encrypted format and is quickly accessible on your desktop, and you can synchronize with a Palm, Treo, Pocket PC, or Smartphone (Windows Mobile, Symbian UIQ, or Series 60). * Unlimited number of customizable record types and categories for storing all kinds of personal information * Customizable List View supports color and icons * Password protection, using 256-bit Blowfish encryption, keeps your data safe and secure * Synchronize data between the desktop application and a PDA or Smartphone * Field Masking (for sensitive data like passwords) – protection from peekers * Customizable Field Labels – change the labels to suit each record * Enhanced Security Options – locks after specified timeout * Automatic Password Generator - for generating passwords based on user criteria * Category support – keep business and personal records separate * Backup and Restore automatically or manually

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