SoftDocket 2006



BoomerX Software is pleased to announce the release of SoftDocket version 2006! With this version comes a whole new look. SoftDocket has been totally redesigned to become better than ever. You can customize your workspace with the new enhancements incorporated into SoftDocket. Drag and drop functionality where you want it to ease your daily burden. Use themes to alter the overall look of your workspace. Features * Client tracking * Document Management * Resource Management * Fully client/server network capable out-of-the-box. * Generates professional itemized invoices * Upgrade reports, new reports will be added as need arises * Contact manager * Appointment Scheduling * User access management * Customizable time and disbursement types * Interim Accounts * Configurable discounts based on docket types * Report exports to JPEG / HTML / RTF / PDF * Conflict of interest checking and reporting * Customizable report headers * Option for using letterhead on reports * Time and disbursement reports for specified periods * Full client database searching and sorting * Specific features for Legal Aid and Children's Lawyer accounts Some of the great new features in SD2006: * Document Management component that allows you to store all relevant documents with a specified client. * All new Planner. Schedule appoints for your entire office and have the ability to share appointment information. * Office Of The Children's Lawyer Legal Agent Invoice. New Final document type designed to emulate OCL billing form. * New Resource Management section. Placed with the Planner scheduling appointments for the office has never been easier. * All new Tasks Management section designed to delegate responsibility throughout your office. * The new Invoice Panel allows you to make time and disbursement entries on the fly.

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