SharePoint Calendar Rollup

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Organize and view calendars by compiling multiple calendars from different sources into one central view. It can also access Microsoft Exchange Calendars, which makes this a powerful tool for team scheduling, planning and management in SharePoint. SharePoint Calendar Rollup expands the functionality of the default calendar by a wide range of features and capabilities. Set up SharePoint Calendar Rollup to show calendars from SharePoint Lists/Library in a single web view. More features and functionalities are available when SharePoint Calendar Rollup is used on SharePoint as compared to the ordinary calendar view. Calendar rollup for SharePoint 2010. Collect calendar events from SharePoint external content type Other services such as Google Calendar and external list calendar are also available to set up on your SharePoint. Unlike other out-of-the-box add-ons that display up a limited number of 10 calendars, SharePoint Calendar Rollup displays unlimited number of calendar sources! SharePoint calendar rollup different calendars Drag and drop to change the calendar event Take charge of calendar schedules - simply drag and drop events according to important agenda. Easily move events around and sync to original source instantly. The integration of SharePoint and Exchange is one of highly demanded feature by many SharePoint users, and SharePoint Calendar Rollup has that. SharePoint calendar color coding. Color-code different calendar sources Set different color codes to different calendars to avoid confusion. Separate business schedule with personal or holidays plans. Sharepoint calendar events drag and drop. View different events in one place. View calendar events from Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 right on your SharePoint window without having to change between programs.


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