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For years, service oriented businesses have struggled with scheduling their job installations to meet the needs of both customers and builders in a timely manner. Many professional service companies use multiple types of installation and service crews to complete jobs. To often, jobs are missed, double-booked or worse, canceled, because of inefficient scheduling. There are many difficulties when trying to schedule multiple crews. One major problem with scheduling multiple crews is how do you QUICKLY find a crew who is available and who also fits the skill set needed to complete the job? Another problem is how do you QUICKLY reschedule one job while filling the now available time slot. Well with the input of a lot of seasoned professional schedulers and owners of service oriented businesses, Today's Innovations has developed a software package that virtually eliminates those problems and more. The Service Scheduler helps insure no more missed, double-booked or cancelled jobs. The Monthly/Find screen allows you to search for open time slots within a selected date range. You can even schedule a job during the same search process, including drive time. The auto-scheduler will automatically schedule all of your jobs, whether single or multi-tasked jobs, including drive time, with one click of a button. Recurring scheduling will let you schedule on any day of any week/month/year for any period of time... it will even let you schedule multiple people at the same time. Automatically create a new customer, job and schedule in one process from either the daily, weekly or Gantt schedulers. Easily drag/drop/cut/copy/paste schedules. Move groups of appointments at one time or just change the times of a group of appointments. Video help provides details on how to maximize the power of the program and live help is also available to assist you in setting up your program according to your companies business rules. Network Ready.

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