Sales Master PRO 2005



Sales Master PRO 2005 is an integrated contact management/sales CRM software. This customer relationship management software is designed to provide access and easy manipulation of the information that helps identifying the most effective prospecting and approach methods, closing more deals, and retaining more customers. In addition to the ability of handling more than 70 fields of your accounts and contacts data, and the database backup/restore functions, Sales Master PRO 2005 helps you: * Tailor your approach per customer's personality profile. One of the distinctive competencies of Sales Master is the personality identification feature. Up to the moment, Sales Master is the only CRM software performing this task. Sales Master not only helps you identify your customer's personality profile, but it also suggests proper tactics to approach him/her with. As a result, youÂ’ll be able to tailor your sales tactics to meet his/her behavior and influence the purchase decision. * Schedule business meetings and sales calls. * Track follow-up activities, history, and milestones. * Relate files to accounts. * Build rapport by remembering special events. * Search using different filters and criteria. * Send bulk email. * Analyze your customers/prospects data. * Generate and print on-demand reports. * Import data directly from Microsoft Outlook. * Import data from Text (TXT) and/or Comma Separated Values (CSV) files.

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