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SQL Inspect is a SQL editor for SQL Server, created with the aim of allowing users to quickly analyze a sub-optimal query, the tables and indexes used by that query, and record all results of rewriting the query. It offers the following features over standard SQL editor tools: Get an overview of a querys' cost instantly - View a summary of the querys' I/O costs. - View execution plans in a treeview and see costly operations highlighted. - Know when statistics need updating, as differences in estimated and actual rows are highlighted. - See which tables are incurring the most reads. - Know when SQL Server is raising warnings when generating your execution plans. - Easily identify from which table each column is originating from. Know which tables and indexes are used in a query - Quickly know which tables are used in a query. - Know how big each of those tables are. - Also see which indexes are used, together with all indexes that exist for all tables used in the query. - Know the size and fragmentation level of each of those indexes. - Filter indexes to know which indexes cover or include a specific column. Compare your queries against a baseline query - Set a baseline query, and immediately see how your rewritten queries compare against the baseline. - Quickly know when your new queries are better than the baseline and when they are worse, and in which areas. Keep a log of your optimization attempts - Quickly know the costs of each query you have attempted in comparison to the baseline. - View the differences in how the queries were written. - Keep a record of each querys' execution plan. - Save the log for future analysis. View statistics and fragmentation information easily - The integrated object browser allows you to view details of all statistics for a table, together with table and index fragmentation details. - Integrated wizards help you to update statistics and defragment tables and indexes easily.

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