Right PDF Printer 3.0.1 SE [Server Edition]

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The server edition was created specially for a server side processing, with user access management and command line. It also supports configuration as a shared network printer, Windows Terminal Server, and Citrix Metaframe environment. Users can send documents to a server printer and use all the advanced features: create PDF bookmarks, set document info, use preview without opening Acrobat, set PDF and viewer options, work with document stationary and security. Easy Installation: It installs on a Windows server only, users use it as network printer. Users can add it with standard "add printer" windows wizard. Easy Updates: Updating with a new versions saves a lot of work hours as it installs only on server. All users will use updated version once it is updated on server. Any Windows version and connection type: Users can have any Windows version - 9x/2k/ME/NT/XP including laptops, Citrix clients, LAN or Wi-Fi connection. Stand along application: Unlike most applications that require third part PS to PDF converters (like ghost), Right PDF Printer doesn't require any other software to create PDF. This makes it a best choic e for a corporate using. User access management: the software allows create groups of users with special settings. Command line: ommand line utilities makes it possible to get maximum for your business. Example: printto.exe This tool provides the advanced file printing functionality. It can be used to print files, folders (all printable files in a folder) or lists of files. This tool is not tied to Right PDF Printer by default, you may need to specify printer name explicitly. If printer name is not specified, default printer is used which may or may not be the Right PDF Printer. Syntax: /file fileName - print a file /dir folderName - print all printable files in a folder /list fileList - print a group of files listed in a simple text file /printer printerName - use printerName printer instead of default printer

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