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The Resume Builder saves you money and time. It does the work for you and creates your customized professional visually exciting resume in just 15 minutes! It personalizes you in the workplace by describing your exact skills, job tasks and work experience. In the job search process, a well-written, well-designed resume is a must. Our application does the thinking and writing for you. Resume Builder simplifies the work of finding the job by providing you intelligent, user-friendly software with these powerful features: Core Features Styles and templates.Choose one of more than fifteen different resume styles. Write powerful resumes and cover letters with our professionally designed templates. Defining the structure of your resume. Resume Builder allows to display the structure of a resume in a user-friendly format, so a user can choose what sections of resume he wants to publish and he can change the order of the Published Sections: Biographical Data, Objective, Employment History, Education History, Personal, Skill Areas, Publications, Honor/Awards, Summary, References. Complete control: We've even made the toolbar in Resume Builder fully customizable. Configure it to suit your needs! You can specify font sizes and styles for text and colors for text, background, headers, tables and lines. Integration with Microsoft Office. Resume Builder supports export resume in Microsoft Word and Text plain formats. HTML publication. Export to HTML generates an HTML based resume that can include embedded hyperlinks, and other web specific functionality. Support export to HR-XML standard. HR-XML is a set of XML specifications to enable e-business and the automation of data exchanges in human resources information. Print resume: Resume Builder supports printing any section or sections of your resume.

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