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Raltus's ProcessCapture is a tool which enables you to automatically capture a 'visual storyboard' of any business process or procedure that is performed on a computer.What makes ProcessCapture compelling is that this visual asset is quick to create, easy to update and gives a consistent format for use throughout your organization. This visual representation of your business processes and procedures can then be used to help with initiatives such as Transferring Know How, Risk Management, Compliance and Standards & Mergers and Acquisitions. Given that you only need to capture a processes or procedure once to realize multiple benefits from the one asset gives an immediate return on your investment. Documentation Mode Benefits - Discover your 'As is' processes and procedures. - Protect your process knowledge. - Reduce risk should key personnel leave. - Gives the building blocks for any SOA or BPR initiatives. - Use for your compliance requirement. - Error reporting to IT or Technical departments. Training Mode Benefits - Transfer process or procedure knowledge. - Train in Preview movie mode without the system being needed. - Train in Interactive mode with the live system. - Remind yourself how to run forgotten processes or procedures. - Disseminate company best practices. Automated Testing Mode Benefits - Built specifically for non programmers. - Test end to end processes across any application. - No requirement for an external framework with any programming teams. - No add-ins, additional tools or api's required. - Ability to parameterize scenarios with test data.

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