Pilot eLog for Windows



Pilot eLog is the most robust, feature-rich, user-friendly cross-platform electronic logbook you'll find on the market --- nothing else comes close! It's straight forward, uncluttered and intuitive interface looks very much like the paper logbooks that pilots are used to. The main logbook screen provides a wealth of information to the pilot without having to go to any other screens for your primary information. Features Include: - 17 different reports and endorsements - All key information available at a glance right on the main screen - All currency and date expirations are clearly color-coded to visually alert the pilot well before actual expiration, without the need for annoying pop-up windows - Automatic updating of BFR due date when a new rating is recorded - Automatic updating of the next medical due date. In case of Class 3, also automatically considers the Data of Birth for determining the date. - Automatic determination of Day, Night and Instrument currency - All data is stored locally on your computer, not on someone else's web server - Built-in backup and restore to protect your data - Total flight time can be entered two ways: by entering the start and stop Hobbs time or by directly inputting the total time - Extensive data validation when flight records are added - Accelerator keys to make data entry faster - Start your Pilot eLog from any point in time by picking a point and entering your totals - Online links to FAA and FAR reference sites - Complete text to many logbook-related FAR's - Immediate viewing of day, night and instrument currency plus BFR and medical expiration dates Fully Cross-Platform Compatible: - Your user interface works the same way under Mac OS X or Windows - Your Logbook datafile can be moved freely between platforms - Your registration information will work on both platforms - You are free to start on Windows and move to Mac OS X later. No need to pay for 2 versions

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