Panopticum Lens Pro (for Adobe Photoshop)

Application Add-ins


A powerful and universal tool, which allows quickly and easily to create the images of lenses and crystals of the various form from a standard set of lenses, which now became even more. In it were added BORDER Lens and BUTTON Crystall and now you can use 6 kinds of lenses and 3 kinds of crystals. The new set of parameters ARRAY will help you quickly to create from the lenses the interestingtextures and backrounds. In a set the new universal filters UNIVERSAL Lens and TRIANGLES surface are added and now can create the glass and crystal texts and objects on any selected area, and also various textures and backrounds. The new tool GRADIENT Lens builds a relief ofa glass surface on anyone gradient mask and gives the designers a new opportunity to create the real glass image and full to control a relief and properties of effect.


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