Pabx Billing System & Hotel Management

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- Compatible with any PABX. The call detail record can be programmed after installation. - Support any call charge scheme and multiple call charge schemes (one per each telephone service provider). - Export/inport interface for CDR, connector for other application to retrieve telephone charge information for other purpose. - 42 Tel.Bills for Pabx Billing feature. You can short, filter, layout in many different ways or customize the header/footer of the report. You can schedule to automatically make and send bill via email. - 12 bills for Hotels, support Hotel via RoomRack (Room is row, Date is column). Check-in/Check-out/Move can be done very easy by using the mouse to select the cells on RoomRack. One bill for guest including the room sub-bill, telephone sub-bill and other kind of service sub-bill. - Online context-sensitive help, document in detail. - More than 150 enterprises and hotels are using.

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