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PG Calculator (Second edition) is a powerfull scientific skinable calculator. It is an excellent replacement for standard Windows or Linux calculator. PG Calculator works in algebraic and RPN mode. It recognizes real and complex numbers and allows simple vectors manipulations. There are up to 120 recognized units of measure with possibility to make easy conversions between consistent units. PG Calculator allows user-defined variables. It enables numbers inputing in binary, octal, hexadecimal and exponential formats. Graphical user interface can be easy changed with skin implementation. As you can see on the picture PG Calculator will look like real calculator on your desktop. PG Calculator has up to 80 built-in functions described below: # Addition, substraction, multiplication and division; # Power and roots; sin, arcsin, cos, arccos, tan, arctan, cotan, hyperbolic functions; # natural and decimal logarithms, exponent. # Sum, average, maximum, minimum, absolute value; # Logic functions: ==, <>, >, >=, <, <=; # Complex numbers functions: real part, imagine part, arg, norm, conj; # Number's format conversions; Degree measure conversions; Units of measure conversions; PG Calculator is available for following platforms: # Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP # Windows Server 2000/2003 # Linux

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