PDF to FlipBook for HTML5

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With the smart phone market position in the global rise gradually in 2012, the demand and advantage of HTML5 technology has become more evident. The media reported that, the third quarter season of this year, the number of HTML5 development positions worldwide jumped 44 percent growth rate and more than iOS and Android. The growing enterprises and individuals see the prospects for the development of HTML5, it can be said that has become an inevitable trend of the development of the Internet, and will lead the market in 2013. For developers, HTML5 is multi-device, cross-platform application. The advantage of HTML5 is this technology can be cross-platform use. For example, you have developed a HTML5 game and you can be easily ported to the Opera Game Center, Facebook application platform, even by the technology of the package distributed to the App Store or Google Play. It due to its powerful cross-platform, iterative update, you can greatly reduce the development costs, which is the main reason that most of the developers interested in the HTML5. Its rich label system, similar to the built-in a lot of shortcuts, will replace those who complete the relatively simple task of plug-ins, can greatly reduce the plug-in that can complete the simple task. Then PDF to FlipBook for HTML5 is a powerful flip book maker that based on HTML5 technology. Then only your devices can support HTML5, then you can view the flash book which is made by PDF to FlipBook for HTML5 in a comfortable and wonderful way. Anyway, it provides an easy way for you to add more multimedia contents on flash book in order to enhance the reading experience and popularity.


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