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PDF Reverser is a powerful and user-friendly tool to reverse and extract images and text/html in a PDF file. Special features: 1.Batch processing: Support batching processing for groups of PDF files. 2.Right-click to reverse: Could right-click one or a group of selected PDF files in the Windows Explorer to start the reversion. 3.Easy control: Display detailed reversing progress and reversing result, users may cancel reversing one file or the whole reversing process at any time. 4.Easy open:Automatically open or easily open the reversed text/html files and images. 5.Latest protocol support: Supports PDF1.5 protocol that is from Acrobat6.0. 6.Configurable image format: Image's output format could be JPEG or BMP format. 7.Encrpted PDF file support: Supports the reversion from the encrypted PDF file. Automatically clear owner password of a PDF file even if the user forgets and prompt to user to input the user-level password of the PDF file if it has. Other features: 1.Reverse and extract plain text and all images in PDF files on the fly. 2.Could select a range to reverse. 3.Support to save the reversed plain text into a simple html file. 4.Display detailed PDF file's information. 5.Need not the installation of the Acrobat Reader. 6.Supports PDF files in all European languages. 7.Supports all Windows platforms, 98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003

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