PC Teleprompter Pro



Finally, an affordable alternative for anyone who gives live presentations, or produces their own videos. Teachers, preachers, business people, singers, politicians and others will find this to be an invaluable tool. Scroll text in both vertical and horizontal modes. Change the scroll speed, font, text color, background color all 'on the fly!!' You can even update the text in real time. Up to 72 point fonts!!WOW!! If you're looking for a software teleprompter, then you probably already know that the competitor's prices start at around $300 and go much, much higher... PC Teleprompter Pro is just $99!! Due to the shortage of money encountered by dedicated teachers, education professionals can purchase this program for just $39. Just send me an e-mail for details. Contact me at godsrocker@hotmail.com for snail mail payment details, or go to www.paypal.com and give them the above e-mail address to pay by credit card.

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