Online Store Kit 3.0 Standard

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Going with the standard is always a good thing; especially when it comes to making a profit. When your store goes online, you should attract visitors not only with the assortment of the products and services you offer, but also with a dynamic and friendly sales atmosphere. If organized with Online Store Kit 3.0 Standard, your e-store will include all the basic features plus advanced functionality, enabling a profit-generating virtual shop. Purchasing Online Store Kit 3.0 Standard gives you the possibility to order at once e-commerce related services: customization services, hosting, web design, support and virtual training. Besides the e-store program itself, you can take advantage of uninterrupted and reliable hosting, eye-catching conception of design, professional custom programming, and helpful virtual distant training services. The live demo of Online Store Kit 3.0 Standard demonstrates "the look-and-feel" of what you will have, if you install our software. You can also learn more about the standard version by viewing the screenshots

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