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Nemo Word To PDF 3.0 is professional software to convert Excel to PDF with ease. It supports batch conversion to convert massive Excel files to PDF files once, saving huge quantity of time. The converter is super easy to use, enabling you to finish the 3 steps, import-output-convert, in a user-friendly interface. It also let you add PDF properties, like author, title, allowed actions, owner password, user password, etc. The conversion quality is super fine. The output PDF is total an replica of the original Excel file, with no formatting problems at all, like the page layout, image positioning, text fonts, columns, graphics, tables, hyperlinks, etc. The converter is easy to use with all options and functions are integrated in one interface. This avoids you to repeatedly set the options clicking from front to back. Features: Professional software solely for converting Excel to PDF Convert Excel to PDF to enjoy smaller file size, better security, etc. By converting Excel to PDF to better protect your file from modifying, altering or redistribution Easier for viewing across platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Your document can be viewed through most of web browsers Retains 100% of the original features of the source PDF Hyperlinks, text styles, images, page layout are all kept the same of the source PDF Batch converts piles of files at a time, saving time Integrated in MS Excel with a button in the Toolbar, handy for conversion Batch conversion to convert a list of Excel to PDF at a time Convert Excel to PDF with 100% the same of the original features The converter works fast, smoothly and consistently

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