MSM's Affordable Software for Movers offers the latest in Windows development as well as powerful estimating, accounting, and contact management features. Every tool you need to run your moving business is included, from estimating to billing and accounting Designed for the small moving company you will find you can keep track of your business finances and concentrate on what is important to you - expanding your business. This software program is a unique business tool that helps you to set up just the financial and reporting structure you want for your moving business. From its easy to read screens and summaries of information to its powerful reporting capabilities, your new software will grow with you as you expand your business. Affordable Software for Movers is just the business tool you need to keep it all together and be ready for your next step in business success. Easy yet comprehensive: Designed to meet all the needs of the small moving company, the program easily *Creates Estimates, *Calculates distance between zip codes, *Has virtually unlimited flexibility in charging, *Charge by the piece, volume or weight, *Charge for Supplies, *Tracks your tax liabilities, *Tracks Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, *Checkbook reconciliation, *Track mileage for any number of vehicles, *Tracks Income and Expenses, *Tracks Scheduled Moves and Callbacks, *Complete Online Manual in Adobe Acrobat format, and much, much more! MSM Technologies is a full time software publishing company. Our offices are in Cortland, Ohio. We have been developing and marketing financial software applications since 1980. Our developers have many years of experience developing and implementing software packages for banks and financial institutions world wide as well as for entrepreneurs.

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