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Matrix-Artificial-Intelligence (400% Gain in 1 year) A Forex Expert Advisor is an automatic trading software, which trades independently in a meta trader trading platform. That means it trades with currencies autonomous. You just need a Real-Account with a Forex Broker who provides the Meta Trader Platform. Below you can see the statistics of the Matrix EA. This robot is running on this account over a year already and made over 200,000$ gains out of 50,000$. That is over 400%! Suscribe to our monthly Newsletter and you will get a tutorial, with the settings, how you can triple the profits of the FAP Turbo Expert Advisor! Now you probably think that you don't have 50,000$?! The EA is working with smaller amounts as well but the risk is smaller the higher is your balance. You can open a Forex Account on our website for instance. Please do not forget. This is real trading that we show you. No “Back test” which can be made pretty “successful”. The Matrix-Artificial-Intelligence EA is trading fully automatically. But if it should be necessary to make some manual trades (in the last 12 months this case was just once), you will get an email from us with the Investor password to our account. Then you can reproduce our trades on which we make manually on your account. With our help you will manage the situation! The EA trades on every currency pair, but only on one at a time. We won't tell you the strategy. We worked 6 months on the development and it had cost us a lot of money to achieve this great results. Save 20%! If you open an account over Cashback-Forex with the broker of your choice we will pay you at latest at the end of the following month 20% back to your PayPal account automatically. Furthermore you can get up to 1.3 pips per trade back from Cashback-Forex for your own trading! That is equal (for a 5,000€ account) to about 400€ / month, so additional 80%.

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