MathMaker: Fractions

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Just fill in a few options and moments later you have instant worksheets and activities to help your students practice their fraction skills. Create worksheets for Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions, Reducing Fractions, Greater Than/ Less Than, Value-Matching, Fraction Strips, and Fraction Fill-Ins. Lots of options include whole numbers, improper fractions, and more! Adjustable levels make this program a must for teachers at every level, K-12. Customize your worksheet with clipart, color, and font controls, or, with the click of the 'QuickWord' button, open the worksheet instantly in your favorite word processor. MathMaker:Fractions is another invaluable teaching tool in the incredible MathMaker series from Gepeto Software.


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