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MSSQL to MySQL database converter utility is a powerful tool mainly deals with the accurate conversion of created MSSQL database records into MySQL database tables or to overwrite converted DB table structure into preexisting database server without causing any change in database integrity and functionality. MSSQL to MySQL conversion program is fully capable to convert entire database or selected table's records as per the user choice in an easy and efficient manner. Microsoft SQL DB table to MySQL database migration tool can migrate your large database containing thousands of records in just a few seconds, even if your database merges multiple tables, rows or columns. Microsoft SQL server to MySQL database conversion application migrates database indexes with all necessary attributes and supports to default values, null values, data types, virtual tables, rows, columns, queries, primary key, unique key and foreign key constraints. MSSQL to MySQL conversion program is based on Unicode architecture and supports multibyte character set and command line parameters. MSSQL table structure to MySQL database server converter supports both type of configured settings which are mixed mode authentication and windows authentication mode. Utility to convert MSSQL database into MySQL file format is a cost effective and time saving wizard specifically designed to convert and maintain data in their original structure resulting into lossless database records conversion. MSSQL to MySQL conversion program facilitates users to easily understand the working process of software with its inbuilt help option and it requires no prior technical knowledge for its operation. Features: * MSSQL database converter utility works on all versions of MSSQL, MySQL DB server and supports all major windows based OS. * MSSQL to MySQL conversion program allows users to save the converted DB tables at specified location. * Application can be easily handled even by non technical users.

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