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MDB View is a very useful software that allows you to view mdb files on system without Microsoft Access installed. All you need are the MDAC 2.1 components or higher ( that you can get for free on Microsoft download page ). MDB View will show you all tables included in the database, with all fields and records. You can see a detailed information for each record, and you can search for an element in the whole database. Then you can export all database tables, fields and records, both to external CSV (Comma Separated Values) and HTML files (with an editable CSS file). You can also open protected database if you know the password and you can view a database directly from the command line, making also possible the view of a database directly with the cd's autorun. MDB View is freeware with a nag-screen that you can remove with a donation to the author. It runs on Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2000/XP and its size allows you to bring it everywhere, even in a 720kb floppy disk. MDB View 1.0 is actually available only in English.

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