MCCC Expemses

Personal Info Managers


Ugraded version of this popular MS Excel Personal Expenses Workbook with Macros--improved ergonomics and functionality--to cut your accountants' work (therefore bills). Runs by default on your home currency. Fast and easy input: copy-down prefilling, auto calc mileage costs plus much integrity checking with drop lists--no frills and for real people. Handles, per month, up to 5 additional currencies, 10 Projects/Clients, 10 VAT (Sales-Tax) rates, 3 Credit cards plus mileages at different rates. Monthly cycle (13 months on view), any Fiscal year. Produce Analysis & VAT statements. Optimize mileage recovery from IR. Handle/ understand gains/losses on rates-of-exchange. Generate a rock-solid audit trail against Receipts. VAT, client, Credit card, Currency reports - any sort, by month or week. Extensive .chm Help file.


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