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LiveProject gives life to your project without the need or cost of multiple Microsoft Project licenses. Our full featured free trial can be downloaded immediately, enabling you to enjoy the benefit of real-time project collaboration today. With so many moving people and parts, you need a collaboration solution that lets you view and manage what is happening in real-time. With LiveProject, you instantly gain the ability to view, print, share, manage and collaborate more fluidly on your project's .MPP files. Easily invite others to view or interact with your project for true collaboration. LiveProject Collaboration Core Features: - Ability for you and your team to view, share and collaborate on Microsoft Project .MPP files. - SharePoint support - Project Dashboards allows you to view critical project information at a glance. - Project Portfolio Dashboards let's you compare project information side-by-side. - Microsoft Project not needed to view your project files. - Document version control for share files. - Task usage view - Easily print your project's tables, Gantt chart and calendar view. - Automatically distribute project updates to your team. - Team members can suggest changes to the project plan, which are then approved by you. - Share documents on the LiveProject server. - Store project versions and track revisions (with comments). - Set encryption passwords for admins and viewers. - Export files to Excel, PPT, CSV, MPX and e-mail. - Personalized options to customize your viewing preferences. - See the full list of features at Using LiveProject can improve communication for you, your clients and your team by keeping everyone more informed, organized and on schedule. Download your free trial of LiveProject Collaboration and bring your project to life today. Learn about all of our project management solutions at


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