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LeoReport is a software application for generating inspired report-ready graphic presentation of statistical analysis of diversity of data. It's fast, portable, user-friendly with intuitive interface. LeoReport can create: a histogram of variable distribution with comparison Student and Poisson probability functions; two arguments distribution with 3D and color map presentation; curve fitting with quasi linear function using constructor like, user defined or selected from list interfaces as well with any given function; signal revealing with emphasizing on chromatogram case; 3D and color map presentation of function of two arguments with plane and parabolic approximation; multiarguments function regression and near neighbors method. It permits universal data import from database table, text file or copy/paste from selection in MS Excel or Access. There is diversity of variation to decor of graph area to choose from fonts, colors and marks styles. Result report can be pasted to the standard windows documents like MS Word. One of the recommended usages of the LeoReport is an intermediary mission between MS Excel (Access) and MS Word (PowerPoint) in cases when Graph Wizard of Excel has not those statistical options to evaluate the data LeoReport has. LeoReport has standard for windows applications help support and in addition can be instantly learned to exercise all of its features with the assistance of incorporated examples.


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