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Kaos Manager is an all-in-one software program for managing your business. It is divided into 7 easy to use modules. Cash Flow - Keep track of your bank balance or budget allocation. Maintain and reconcile your projected, quoted, or actual income and expenses. Manage your GST liability. Kaos Manager allows you to manage your financial information on a cash-accounting basis and produce reports suitable for your accountant or financial controller. Contacts - Manage details of your employees, customers, suppliers, and prospects. You can also monitor your advertising effectiveness by simply assigning an advertising source to a customer. Jobs - Manage your jobs or projects by producing Quotes, job sheets, invoices, and delivery dockets. Production Schedule - Puts your production/project planning board on the computer where it is easier to set-up and maintain. You can schedule all of the activities associated with your jobs or projects and view your activities by job/project, employee, customer or equipment. Tasks - Maintain a list of one off Tasks unrelated to specific jobs or projects with helpful reminders in Today view. Equipment - Keep track of your assets by maintaining an equipment register. Enter maintenance records to form a maintenance history for each piece of equipment and schedule equipment related expenses such as lease/hire purchase payments or maintenance/repair bills to your cash flow. Today - View the things due today. You receive reminders when jobs, tasks, expenses, invoices, deliveries, maintenance activities, and employee wages/salaries are due. You can also set up organisational or personal goals to randomly appear.

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