Jhoos Sticky Postit Notes



Jhoos Sticky Notes is an electronic (digital) version of your conventional sticky notes. It's a virtual note creation software that sits in your system tray letting you make as many notes as you want at will and also manage your notes efficiently. Jhoos notes lets you store formatted text (bold/italics etc.) as well as store a voice note (saves you the effort of typing your note). It's free for use and installs quickly. It's the only notes software that lets you send your notes to your friends instantly via email. Features of Jhoos Notes * Create a note with a click. * Move your notes anywhere on your desktop. * Quickly hide all your notes and make them visible using short cut keys. * Save money on stationery expenses. No more buying sticky notes. * The glue on Jhoos Notes never wears off. * Send your notes to co-workers within the same network. * Send your note as an email to anyone anywhere for Free. * Its no different from a real post it. Same color and of course you can use your own colors and plus use a background picture as well. * Quick access to calculator via shortcut keys.

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