JF7 Software for Jafra Consultants

Accounting Tools


JF7 Jafra Software for Jafra Consulants- Tracks Customers- Prints Orders- Produces Reports- Order History Search- Assists with Purchase Order- Brochure Distribution Report- Customer LabelsFeatures include:- Stores customer demographic information. (Name, Address, Phone numbers, Comments)- Easy customer order entry with automatic fill of description / shade / size based on catalog number.- Keeps customer prior order history by campaign and year.- View order history by customer.- Search entire order history to find who has ordered a particular product.- View campaign summary by customer.- Adds entries to the product file as items are entered on an order.- Feature to maintain product file (corrects, add, delete entries).- Options for tax rate, processing charge, customer discounts.- Option to print up to a five line global message on every order.- Ability to print a custom message for each customer.- Customer report that prints all demographic information.- Campaign summary of customers with orders.- Order summary to assist with filling out purchase order.- Campaign total report shows campaign number, total sales, total due, and profit.- Create / Maintain multiple customer databases.


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