Instan-t IM Server



Instan-t IM Server 4.0 is an Instant Messaging platform that allows you to set-up a secure private IM network, and optionally interoperate with all of the major IM networks (AOL, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo!). The Instan-t IM client (included with the IM server download) not only has all the typical IM features you expect from a great IM product, but also offers two new powerful collaborative tools: the Online Presentation Tool, which allows users to make training or sales presentations over the Internet by sharing their screens with multiple participants; and the Computer Sharing Tool, which allows users to securely share their computers by giving access to another person. Instan-t also includes a web based administration console that allows administrator to easily set-up and manage one or multiple IM networks and its users. Optional customization and branding of the IM client as well as server integration with existing user directories is available. This download allows you to try a fully functional IM network with up to 10 users for 30 days. Pricing for an unlimited users IM server starts at $650. Instan-t, with over 200.000 users around the world, is offered by IM solutions developer Interactive Networks Inc.

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