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GIPALS is 32-bit Windows linear programming software incorporating powerful solver and user-friendly interface to input, import, export and solve linear programs. GIPALS uses primal-dual interior point method (Mehrotra predictor-corrector) to solve a linear program consists of maximum 500,000 variables and constraints. GIPALS can find the solution of any linear program or state that the linear program does not have a solution. The main features of GIPALS User Interface are: The maximum number of variables is 500,000. The maximum number of linear constraints is 500,000. Direct input LP in sparse (using a grid) and compact form (using special constraint body editor). Import LP from files in MPS (Mathematical Programming System) format. Export LP to files in MPS format. Tracing variable values at each iteration. Store LP in XML format. Export the solution in CSV (Comma-delimited), Tab-delimited or HTML file formats. Flexible debug options. Multi-Document Interface (MDI) allows to work with several LP simultaneously. The main features of GIPALS Linear Solver are: Primal-Dual Interior Point Method (Mehrotra Predictor-Corrector). Adjustable Preprocessor. Scaling of the LP. Detection and extracting dense columns. Sparse Cholesky factorization. Minimal degree ordering, with supernodes. Higher order Gondzio correction strategy. Iterative refinement (using preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithm).

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