Flatland Rover - Internet Explorer

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  • Developer: Flatland Online Inc.
  • Home page: visit
  • Size: 1000 KB
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An application extension for popular Web browsers thatdisplays 3D spots written in 3DML (Three Dimensional Markup Language). 3DML is the Three Dimensional Markup Language. 3DML offers current Web site builders a new media material to enhance their 2D and text pages. According to Flatland, 3DML requires no previous xperience with 3D modeling or programming, and is as easy to learn as HTML. 3DML uses a basic building block metaphor that enables users to create 3D spaces by arranging ready made blocks into complete environments. Content developed in this format can turn Web pages into full Web environmentsthat users want to spend more time exploring. 3DML pages take advantage of the third dimension to provide more screen real estate for images, links and information. Rover has many features including an easy user interface, hi-color display, DirectX support and support for common Webgraphics and audio formats such as GIF, GIF animation and WAV.


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