FileMaker Resource Scheduler for Windows

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Resource Scheduler is a drag and drop networkable appointment scheduling software for managing schedules and appointments of all types of resources. Create unlimited resources and categorise them accordingly; for example, a resource category of staff, vehicles, or hotel rooms can each have different resources. Each resource category can have its own unique event/booking type, for example Booked, In Meeting, On Hire, Busy, - Create your own! It is simple to switch resource categories at the click of a button. It replaces your paper-based calendar and/or appointment book. In addition, it allows sharing of scheduling data on multiple computers. When a network user updates a schedule, all other users are instantly updated. This prevents any stale data across the network. Scheduling information can be entered from any computer and the data will immediately become visible at all the computers. Resource Scheduler allows you to email schedules, print out schedules and HTML reports for all resources for the selected resource category. Clear and easy to read schedule reports provide users with schedule data in html or text form. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly and multi-day (custom) views.

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