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Expert Advisor Xtreme EURGBP Over the last few months FXGTC have conducted extensive market research on their trading database of users to determine the exact needs and requirements of Forex Traders in 2010, leading into 2011. Actually, their findings have taken them by surprise somewhat and diverted to focus their attention on a different type of trading systems. Initially, they designed their main system with target growth in mind, helping traders to alleviate their fears trading Forex, whilst being able to average 7-8% month. In actual fact, not many traders are interested in this type of "investment" trading. Their research showed them that most traders are coming to the market with between $1k and $5k of risk capital looking to extract high gains from a high risk market. This bracket of trader is not really interested in doubling an account over a 12 month period, it is the pursuit of richness they are after, not the pursuit of investment growth. Getting to the point, FXGTC is re-structuring the business to accommodate for this large trading sub-set. Over the next week they are relaunching their website to cater for specific clientele offering various products. They are going to offer 3 automated scalping systems, high leverage, high returns, low-medium risk. The 3 scalping systems will be for EURUSD, EURGBP and EURCHF. They will be available to trade from $1k upwards and they have just completed extensive backtesting and are running the systems on live tracking accounts from Tuesday (Oct 7, 2010) this week. The systems will be called Xtreme. The backtest results are very strong and live forward trading has started very well, with a $2k account sitting now at $2.8k after 2 trading days (at time of writing) on the EURGBP. Click this link for the 10 YEAR-backtest results of the EURGBP with 90% accuracy, the EURCHF and EURUSD are also demonstrating powerful trading patterns for their scalper.

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