Easy Tracker - Time Tracking & Managing

Project Management


Easy Tracker is a full-featured time tracking suite designed specifically for schedule notification,project management,expense management,work measurement,timesheet entry and reporting.It's especially suited for professionals and companies who need to track time to improve personal and team productivity,to manage projects,to manage expenses and budgets,and to monitor projects as work is being done. Simply double-click the assigned project and task,Easy Tracker Lite will auto-track time,provide accurate performance information and make it easy to compare between your plans and reality.It offers instant feedback to help increase productivity and improve performance.What's more,it provides measurement items to easy of collecting your sensitive productivity data.You can track time while work is being done,or enter time entries at the end of the day,week,month,etc.What's more,it provides plenty of reminding ways:play music,execute application,send Email,pop up a talking agent,etc.


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