EasyProjectPlan (Excel Project Plan Template)

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Download the DEMO at www.easyprojectplan.com EasyProjectPlan is an Excel project plan template designed for distribution to project team members so they can easily input their tasks, dates and status using a user-friendly interface. EasyProjectPlan templates can be imported into Microsoft Project to create instant Gantt Charts and data can be synchronized between both programs. EasyProjectPlan features include: · Task entry that is user-friendly and intuitive. · Easy import into Microsoft Project to create instant Gantt Charts. · Data can be synchronized with Microsoft Project. · Email task information directly from the spreadsheet. · Pop-up Calendar for easy start and finish date input. · No installation program or Excel Add-Ins required. · Color coded task levels that are easy to understand. · Yellow highlighting for required fields and behind schedule tasks. · Version counter displayed on the spreadsheet. · Easy to use Project Manager Admin Screen with password protection. · Default formatting is automatically reset to correct any changes made by the user. · Tested and implemented on large scale projects and performance tested with thousands of tasks. · Designed by a certified project manager. Download the DEMO at www.easyprojectplan.com

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