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Driver Database Version 6.5 is now available. The Driver Database (DD) is a highly versatile program developed to manage a transport business for the sole operator. Ideal for small taxi businesses, voluntary drivers, courier services or any small business where it is vital to record journey details. The interface is well designed, all the database controls are on one window as illustrated in the screenshot and whilst the operation is simplistic it provides a host of features and facilities. Features include: - Query reports, Client menus, Manifest sheets, Travel sheets, Fuel reports, Pie charts, Search and Replace facility, Export and Import facility, Maps static and online, Postcode checker, Itinerary Route facility, formatted output. What’s new in version 6.5: - Address from Postcode feature, automatically copy address and names to relevant fields. Excel Report facility; produce Excel spreadsheets from database data. Invoice Report facility; produce professional invoices with company address and logo. Customer Database facility; create and manage your own customer base. Delete Records facility; delete a set of records that satisfies a specific date range. Record transport costs against mileage or fixed charge. Refresh Database; re-orders records in date/time order while you work. Database Tools; Backup database to any location including a flash drive and compact database. If you need something more check out the Multi-Transport Driver on the authors home page.

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