Drill-Down Tally 2004



Drill-Down Tally is the best reporting productivity tool for small-medium sized businesses. Just 3 simple steps: define groups, calculations and details THAT'S IT! It will supercharge your ACT!, MS Excel, MS Access, .csv, .txt and ODBC data files overnight. Gain instant control over your data now with unlimited on-demand reporting. Create reports as summarized or as detailed as you like by any employee. Start your own business, enhance your current business or gain new clients with Drill-Down Tally. This product gives you the competitive edge. IntelliRel provides technology focused on great design yielding outstanding cost effective results. We have developed and redesigned many databases generating immediate results for biggest homebuilder and biggest pool builder in Arizona. As an added benefit we can supercharge your business relationships overnight with our exclusive ad-hoc report writer (Drill-Down Tally) giving you the competitive edge. With Drill-Down Tally you can group by employees, salesman, ids, categories, locations, and/or regions. Utilize your Amount or Price fields as a sum total calculation and/or use id fields as count calculations. Choose any other fields you don't group as details to support your summarized group totals. You can have any number of groups to drill-down on. You could group by salesman and then group by location second or vice versa. It's all up to you. You could group by region, group by location and then group by salesman, 3 levels deep. You will see summarized totals and details for every level as you drill-down on each group. You can filter for the last week, month, and year or do a five-year trend analysis on your date fields. So you would basically have unlimited report combinations right now at your fingertips without need of a programmer. View this dynamic product and testimonials at www.intellirel.com.

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