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Targer O/S:Windows Any 32bit Version Hardware Requirements :Nothing Particular Need In Any Off PC Parts Info:This Software Made With The Corporation Off Doctors With No Past "KnowHow" To Use A Pc (Not Even The Basics).The Result Is More Than Expected On Graphical Interface Yes Is An Easy To Use Software For EveryOne. Name Off App :DocManager2003 Subject Target: Managing A Doctor's Office Can Do: 1)Tracking All Patients Personal Data 2)Tracking Patients Medical Hestoricon 3)Tracking Every Visit 4)Standar 40 BioResults Input 5)Optional Can Input No Limit Off BioResults 6)Standar The User Can Insert Images From Medical ImageExams(ex. xrays etc.) 7)Tracking Doctors Randevouz 8)Reminder 9)Stitistics For All BioResults In Grafical Mode(Lines And Bars) 10)Reports Free For User To Change Them And Fit His/her Needs(Used .rtf format) 11)Automatic BackUp System 12)Manual BackUp System(Used Only One Click(Yes Is True)). 13)Very Good Compress On Back Up About 1/5 14)Automatic Compact System For The Files 15)Manual Compact The Files(Used Only One Click(Yes Is True)). 16)Make Phone Calls Using DocManager2003 Direct To Your Patients HomePhone Or MobilePhone Or Even WorkPhone 17)Send e@mails Using DocManager2003 18)Reports a)A List Of Patients(Any Choice Selection Of The User(Doctor)) b)Patient 's Medical Report Choice i)From First Visit Till Today Or Only Selected Visit ii)BioResults or not iii)ImageExams Or Not 19)Very Good Help System ps.First Target Was A Pathological Doctors Office .But Can Support Every Kind Off Doctors Specialists Thank You For Your Time


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