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DoNotDisturb is absolutely FREE and the Program Blocking can be used for as long as you like, there are NO time restrictions. A great new way to increase your personal productivity by making sure you get your work done. Control the many distractions you now have on your PC with this simple and effective FREE Software. Are you feeling guilty about playing PC Games like Half-Life or Chatting on your PC when you should have been working? If you're like me, then you would have wasted hours on the many distractions on your PC when you really needed to get that important task done or hand in that assignement on time. Your PC is now an entertainment center with Video clips, Audio media, Games, Chat sessions, Voice Over IP Phones, Web Browsing etc etc. All of which is GREAT news and highly enjoyable, But this also gives you more and more distractions when you are sitting at your PC trying to work or study. Thats right you sit down at your PC focused on getting your work done, then temptation takes over and suddenly you have spent an hour on a Chat session or Watching a Video Clip or Surfing the Web. How many times have you been there before. BLOCK Out these distractions and control your temptations by using DoNotDisturb. This great FREE application will let you BLOCK out programs for a specific duration of your choice. These programs are then NOT accessible no matter how tempted you feel. Leaving you free to complete your important work or assignement at your PC without being distracted. Even if you get desperate and try and Restart your machine or press CNTRL+ALT+DEL you will still NOT be able to access your Blocked Programs. Off course if you have an emergency and need to use a Blocked Program you can disable the BLOCK with a 64 digit Key.

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