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Today's print magazines are no longer just magazines. Thanks to Digimarc MediaBridge, they're launch pads to specific places on the Internet. To take part in the fastest, easiest way to navigate the web, all you need is a Digimarc-approved Web camera enabled with our free software, and a magazine page featuring the Digimarc MediaBridge symbol . When you see this symbol in the lower corner of a magazine page, you know the main image on that page is watermarked with digital data. Which means, it can take you somewhere specific on the Internet. To load a web page quickly and easily, just open your Digimarc MediaBridge software. Hold the ad's main image, usually a photograph or a product image, up to your Digimarc-approved Web camera. Zap. Your computer instantly brings up a specific web page, which tells you all about the product you're interested in. Load a web page from a traditional print image without ever touching your keyboard. Buy a recommended Digimarc-approved Web camera, then download our free Digimarc MediaBridge software.

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