Dictaphone for MS Word

Word Processing


With this program you will create a sound record very easily, and then you can use this record during your work in any MS WORD document or any other application for MS WINDOWS. It means that you do not have to strenuously leave your document and painstakingly look for a needed part of the record as the Dictaphone 2.0 can be launched in the MS Word menu directly and by using some key combinations on your keyboard you will be able to play, rewind, forward or pause the record as you need. So, when your document is open you do not have to jump aside anywhere. The use of program is not limited to this. You and only you will set up a limit for your using of the Dictaphone 2.0. Dictaphone 2.0 will serve for dictating any texts, as a very helpful tool when writing dictated text, for giving voice instructions, and for storing voice instructions into net folders of particular employees for sending sound and voice messages and so on. The program is developed so that a user will work with his document without any jumps aside to have a needed part of the sound record as the record may be operated directly in MS Word, a user may pause, rewind and forward the record directly by some key combinations on his keyboard without closing of his document, and the key combinations to operate Dictaphone 2.0 are designed on the keyboard ergonomically to be user friendly also for a blind user. A file size of any voice record should not be a problem as contemporary hard disks give enormous storing space. It is true that 60 minute record (it means a file around 9 MB) sent within old networks requires a certain patience, but this can not eliminate advantages provided by this program. Just for your information there were made some tests to find out how much space is taken by MP3 files saving a different voice record length. Following results were measured in Windows XP: 5 min. record - 790 KB, 10 min. record - 1,5 MB, 30 min. record - 4,6 MB, 60 min. record - 9,2 MB.

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