Declan's Chinese FlashCards

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Declan's Chinese FlashCards is a fully configurable audio-basedChinese vocabulary flash-card program. The program has been designedto help students learn a large number of Chinese words as quickly aspossible in a systematic but fun and simple way. The program includesan audio feature that uses voice recordings of a word's pronunciationto aid the learning process.Registered uses will have access to freedownloadable audio word files totalling around 8000 of the mostfrequently used Chinese words. All words include a native speaker'srecording of its pronunciation. The program includes a flashcardsfeature a well as a number of exercises which help with thememorization of words and to test the student's progress. Exercisesinclude Chinese multiple choice, English multiple choice, Listeningmultiple choice, a Word Connecting exercise, a Pinyin tones exerciseand a Grid Matching exercise.


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