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Super db transformer for many type database(Oracle,SYBASE,DB2,Access,DBASE,Foxpro,Paradox,etc) It supports database Oracle, SYBASE, DB2, Access, DBASE, Foxpro, Paradox, and text database and transforming among them. Through DBPut, database administrator needs only design an transform rule and run it at any time. The DBPut makes it unnecessary to program and save your time and money. Main functions of DBPut Pro 1.04: * Create transform rule editor through graphical interfacess. You can design complicated transform rules through the job rule editor. * You can Debug job. By setting break points, job could be run step by step or pause under any designed pausing conditions. You could also monitor execution of jobs, including process of transforming. * Quickly build field mapping between source and target dataset. Through mouse dragging, a field mapping will be automatically created. * Multiple job can be run simultaneously. DBPut could run multiple jobs at same time. * Support multiple ways to transform data. By setting the filter, start, or stop conditions of DBLink, you could get any data you want. * Internal calculation function. DBPut embeds function of expression calculator, and provide over 200 functions for transformation. * Support automatically scheming. The DBPut could run at setted time, like day, week, and month.


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