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Microsoft Access record to MySQL database convertor software is professional and unique db migration tool that transfer entire or selected record of mdb file into equivalent MySQl server. MS Access db synchronization application converts all table attributes like rows, column, key constraints like primary keys, foreign keys, and unique keys with different values including null values, default values, index values and other related attributes in just a single click. Database migration software create new MySQL record from existing MS Access record or overwrite or merge previously existing MySQL record with new data. Graphical user interface based cost effective application save new generated record at user specified location of laptop, desktop or notebook computer in easy and convenient way. DB convertor program support Unicode character architecture with all version of MS Access (including office edition of 2007). Migration tool easily work with all edition of windows operating system like 98, 2000, 2003 server, NT, ME, XP and Vista. MS Access to MySQL database convertor software features: * Convert whole, single or selected record of MS Access file into MySQL database. * Work with password protected mdb file. * Support all version of MS Access database file including mdbx. * Migrate all necessary attributes like keys constraints, default values etc. * Maintain database integrity and accuracy during conversion process. * Build new MySQL record or update existing database. * GUI based architecture with inbuilt help option. * No any additional hardware, software or specific technical knowledge is required. * Run with all Microsoft windows based operating system. * Secure and reliable tool convert entire record without any data loss.

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