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ConceptDraw Project 3 is a unique program, designed to help successfully plan and keep track of any number of projects simultaneously. Working in business means there's often a need to work on several projects at the same time, each with a different focus and limited resources. With the help of ConceptDraw Project 3 it's easy to manage the resources being shared by different projects, as well as create linkages between them. Various projects are managed from a single workspace, giving the freedom to plan effectively, no matter how complex or large scale a project needs are. Key Features: - Project Views: Gantt view, Resource view, Project view, Network diagram, Critical Path Management (CPM) - Project insector - Smart multi-selection - Information Sorting - Filters toolset - Common resource pool - Project embeding - Cross project linking - Great report collection - Web-Ready reports - Saving to Excel - Compatibility with Microsoft Project - Integration with Mind Mapping software - File sharing among Windows and Mac OS X

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