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The program is intended for automation of work of computer clubs. Watches closely work of managers, conducts the entire accounts. Work of managers is essentially facilitated. The program is constantly improved on the basis of recommendations coming from many owners and managers of the game/Internet clubs. Main possibilities of the program: · About 48 computers are supported; · The Remote control of operation of a hall through the Internet; · All computers are controlled from the host which is a workstation of the manager of a hall; · When there is paid time, on the screen of the client there is a window which to remove it is impossible or the keyboard, a mouse is locked; · The program remembers and uses the price for 1 hour of games and 1 hour of the Internet; · Roundoff of the sum of payment; · Return of the rest of money; · From one sight it is visible, what computer is free, what occupied, how many minutes are necessary to work, how many has fulfilled and when will be released; · Speaks a voice through a soundcard of the host of phrases: "Computer [N] remained 5 minutes" and "Computer [N] your time has quitted"; · Possibility of review of reports for any period (current session, choice of session, for day, for all time, for any interval of time); · Various sorts of reports, analyses of operation of club; · The base of reports is ciphered by modern symmetric algorithms of encoding; · The Base of reports has mechanisms of selfrecovery; · It is possible to see the list of active processes by client machines, to delete them and to conduct the report on their work; · Management of the Internet (switch on/switch off) it is transferred the external module; · It is possible to send the text message to the client; · The program can remind the client how many at him remained minutes up to the end of work (how many he has fulfilled); · Password protection of reports of the program with different levels of access; I hope it that you searched.

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