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CleverTrack is an extremely powerful tool designed for test case management, quality assurance and bug tracking. CleverTrack has all the necessary administrative functions associated with planning, control and evaluation of tests. By combining project analyses in UML, testing and bug administration, it provides enhanced testing options to increase the quality of your software products. Due to the integration of all these segments into a single project, all your requirements arising during the project analysis will be fully covered. The system consists of 5 basic areas: - Administration of test cases - Administration and planning of tests - Testing and reporting of bugs - Integration with Bug Trackers - Evaluation of tests and generation of reports Software developers need a powerful tool that they can use to control and plan the quality of the software they develop. These are the customers we had in mind when we developed CleverTrack. What this means in practice is that CleverTrack helps you control the entire process of quality assurance for the software you are developing, ranging from definitions of requirements and tests to the planning and execution of tests. As a result, you will have a complete list of bugs identified in the software and all the useful statistics and QA (Quality Assurance) reports containing complete data. CleverTrack has a number of other very useful features for you: - It gives members of your team access to tests and test results. - It integrates open-source Bug Trackers directly in the environment of the application. - It cooperates with UML tools and supports each phase of development and testing – from within a single web-based application. - Development teams can define test scenarios based on their requirements and use cases. - The application will provide you with the necessary project status data at any time during the test. - It also displays details of the current status of coverage of projects by tests.

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