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Calendar and Appointment 1.0 It is a fantastic calendar and appointment utility for medical professionals. Calendar and Appointment 1.0 has a network enabled (multiuser), Outlook styled calendar and appointment utility with reminder. You can easily arrange your appointments by viewing on the basis of day, work week, week and month. It also supports Office 2007 theme. You can also manage your appointments on the basis of physicians (can give appointments for multiple physicians, in unlimited number). Easily add appointments using patients' databases with single click. Search appointments and perform statistical analysis. Search for a patient and perform statistical analysis. Drag and drop appointments between different people, dates and times. Adjust appointment times by dragging the edges of the appointment. Copy, paste, cut, undo support. Mail Labels in 7x2 format. Send e-mail to the all patients via single click. Send e-mail to the patients in his/her birthday. Very attractive Pop-up reminders. Print page setup and preview. Stable with the power of Microsoft Access. Single or multiple user on the lacal area network. Eveyone in the network can see and edit appointments easily. Calendar and Appointment 1.0 is very suitable for doctors, dentists, nurses, lawyers, veterinarians, driving instructors or any other professionals who are often scheduling appointments. It can be used in medical centers, clinics, hospitals, beauty salons, office buildings, driving schools or anywhere else requiring personnel appointment scheduling.


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